Story of the Periodic Graphics of Elements


Look at the periodic table. What do you see?


118 unique elements, which are the building blocks of our material world, comprised everything around us--from the books that we read, the phones that we use, to the cars that we drive. Lithium, in the lithium-ion battery, starts a cell reaction to provide energy for our phones; octane and oxygen combust to generate energy and keeps our car moving. Nickel is used for our coins; titanium aids the lives of disabled people.

A sudden spark to combine chemistry and design together crossed my mind as I first got into graphic design in 2016, which gave birth to this project. It shows that chemical elements do not only exist as the concepts in the chemistry books, but also are relevant to us in our daily lives. 

By scrolling down, you can explore each element arranged by their atomic number. Hope you a best trip in Mendeleev's garden!